The flavors of once upon a time

A food and wine tour to discover the timeless culinary traditions of the past.

A food and wine tour to discover the timeless culinary traditions of the past.



  •          Verkosten Sie die echten handgemachten Tortellini di Valeggio
  •          Genießen Sie die Delikatesse von Seefischen
  •          Entdecken Sie den kräftigen Geschmack von Trentinos Carne Salada
  •          Erleben Sie die Natur des Monte Baldo mit seinen lokalen Produkten

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1.     Day: Welcome on Lake Garda

Welcome Cocktail.

2.     Day: Tortellini of Valeggio: the legend of the "love knot/ nodo d’amore"

Your food and wine tour will begin with one of the masterpieces of the local culinary tradition: the “Tortellini di Valeggio”. Handmade, one by one, in a particular "knot" shape, with a thin sheet of dough and a delicate meat filling, you can taste them dry with butter and sage or in broth. Think about it ... the recipe and the origins of this dish date back to the tales and fairy tales handed down from one generation to the next, in the intimacy of homes, since the end of the 14th century. The legend tells the story of two lovers, the nymph Silvia and captain Malco, who leave a yellow silk cloth knotted on the banks of the Mincio river as a token of their opposed love. This is the reason for the particular "knot" shape of this type of filled pasta. We will take you to the only place where these world-famous hand-made masterpieces are made: Valeggio sul Mincio. In this area you will find many artisan pasta factories where you can still breathe a strong sense of tradition. You will have a complete tasting of various types of tortelli and tortellini, with different fillings in a restaurant in the nearby village of Borghetto, a charming medieval village on the Mincio river, a few kilometres from Lake Garda.

3.     Day: The catch of the day from Lake Garda

Did you know that more than thirty species of fish live in the Lake Garda? In the past, fishing in the lake represented the main source of livelihood together with the cultivation of olive trees. For this reason, the today protagonist on your table will be… the lake fish!
We have thought of a “poor” menu but rich in flavours: you can taste pasta Bigoli with sardines, fried perch, grilled whitefish… or what will be the catch of the day. Remember to dress each course with a nice round of extra virgin olive oil from the Lake.
Small curiosity about Bigoli: this type of long pasta was born already at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, when a pasta maker from Padua, in 1604, patented a device that was able to produce different types of pasta. Unfortunately, the people consecrated only one, the current bigoli.
The recipe was and has remained simple ... flour, water and salt. Just think that ... as soon as they were made, the bigoli, still fresh, were put to dry hanging on sticks suspended between chairs. Even today, some housewives prepare them for special occasions.
The lunch with fish tasting will be one of the breaks in the full day that you will spend with our guide, visiting the different towns that overlook Lake Garda.

4.     Day: Die Tradition des Trentino: die Carne Salada

Each area of the lake has its own culinary traditions ... in Trentino there is a historic dish, traditional of local festivals, with an unmistakable flavour, which already appears in manuscripts from the 1400s: the Carne Salada.
What is it? It is a particular method of preserving a prime cut of beef, to which coarse salt, bay leaf, juniper, garlic, pepper and rosemary are added ... even if each family has its own secret recipe. The seasoning is fundamental, which lasts about a month...
The first evidence of the preparation of this specialty is very ancient. Its origins seem to be traced back to a poor and peasant culture, linked to the sheep farming of the high valleys of the region. In fact, during the warmer and milder months, the farmers prepared meat stocks with this technique to meet the winter needs of entire large families.
You will taste it both raw and cooked: raw as an appetizer accompanied by various types of homemade pickles and cooked with beans, as per tradition. Don't miss out, for dessert a nice slice of apple strudel… and maybe a good glass of Trentino grappa.
Before lunch you will visit Riva del Garda, the Varone waterfalls and the village of Canale di Tenno… you will see that enchanting views of the lake, apple fields and lush vineyards that characterize this area.

5.     Day: Lunch in a shepherd hut on Monte Baldo

Before leaving, do you want to switch off your mind and recharge yourself with energy and clean air? Today you will have the opportunity to live a true, authentic and genuine experience surrounded by nature. A lunch in a historic farm on the slopes of Monte Baldo, which offers hand-made dishes of the mountain culinary tradition. You will be in close contact with the producers, who, with their passion, will tell you how they produce their meats, cheeses, jams, seasonal vegetables. You will be able to get closer to the real farming world, touch the grazing animals and learn the secrets to cultivate the vegetable garden.
The menu includes a rich appetizer based on fresh and aged cured meats and cheeses, giardiniera, a nice plate of gnocchi di malga. To conclude you cannot miss, the typical "sbrisolona" cake and a good coffee made with moka.
You will be near the very famous Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona, perched on the rock, you will have the opportunity to visit this unique place.


What is included:

  •          Overnight in 3 * Hotel
  •          Welcome Cocktail
  •          Bed and breakfast treatment
  •          Daily tour leader
  •          Lunches as per program (drinks included)


Price per person / in double room (minimum 20 people)
Low season (April / May / September / October) € 372.00
High season (June / July / August) € 447.00
Single supplement € 100.00